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    ts understanding are particularly simple and crude, that is to take a new figure to cover off the previous old figure, with a darker color, a larger area, more beautiful pattern to cover the previous tattoo, there is nothing wrong, and there are many tattoo artists do do so. Cover-up is a matter that varies from person to person, and there is no uniform way to deal with it. Summarize some knowledge about tattoo cover-up, I hope that after reading it can help you solve part of the problem. Wang Yangming tattoo But why do some tattoo artists feel that "there is no way to cover up with color"? Because, doing color on a black or other color base tends to look dirty. The color on the skin is not completely covered as it is on the paper. After the new tattoo is restored, the original color of the skin and the color of the original tattoo is more or less transparent. We generally think of black or dark when we talk about covering up, also because this will maximize the color of the old tat.

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    Latest Tattoos

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