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    How to have Chakra Tattoo
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    How to have Letter tattoo
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    or the wall as a carrier, etc. is the same as the same. Since it is a form of painting, the author's personal ability is particularly important. From a realistic level, I also divided into two parts: the technical level and aesthetic needs of a good tattoo from the technical point of view to do the following. 1, the lines are smooth and rich in change, the transition of the matte surface transparent and even, full and brilliant color; 2, after the recovery does not halo color does not lose color, growth control wiKing Queen Tattoothin a reasonable range of lines to Dr Woo and Mo Ganji as an example Both are known for their pure lines, the former is extremely rich lines, the latter is a line to the end, but you can see that the lines of both works are extremely clear and smooth, the curve is round and smooth, the straight line is sharp and straight, and the combination of thick and thin is not hard, such lines are good lines matte surface transparency then look at the following chart, however, do not know the original author, please rem.

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    Latest Tattoos

  • Pineapple Tattoo
    Pineapple Tattoo
  • Seagull tattoo
    Seagull tattoo
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