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    larger the capacitance, the slower the charge and discharge, and the smaller the capacitance, the faster the charge and discharge. The role of the rear shrapnel is to reset the armature that is sucked down, so the material of the rear shrapnel will affect the life. The armature does not go back or goes back too slowly. From the point of view of the rear shrapnel, the greater the elasticity of the rear shrapnel, then the faster the suspension iron back to reset, the easier it is for the maGeometric Wolf Tattoochine to enter the second movement cycle, so the elasticity of the rear shrapnel size and thickness directly affects the frequency of the machine and the speed of the needle (fast is not easy to scrape the skin), the appearance of the difference between wide and narrow, cutting the line of the machine can choose a wider or thicker rear shrapnel to improve the speed of the needle. The fogging machine can choose a narrower or thinner rear shrapnel, reduce the frequency, reduce the resistance of the needl.

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    Beauty tattoo
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