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    Feminine Flower Shoulder Tattoo providing a large number of tattoo patterns.

    artist in the solution to the aforementioned basic skills to face is how to maintain a good effect after the recovery, which involves the halo color off color augmentation of the three cases, the definition of the three I have been introduced by my sister, Queen Wood, I add a few words to control the essence of these problems is actually in the control of skin damage, the smaller the skin damage the better the recovery effect, and for a customer as a layman To say that the skin damage is judged by the following thrFeminine Flower Shoulder Tattooee methods: 1, the tattoo artist in the production process in the same location repeatedly handled several times, this part of the recovery effect is not good after the possibility of great 2, after the completion of the production can be seen in the light of the tattoo at the reflection, the skin damage is small then the tattoo at the skin smoothness is still very high, while the location of the large skin damage is obvious pits that the epidermis has been beaten 3, is to see the scabbing process. The smaller the.

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